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Augmented Reality

As technology has become the hit of the holiday season I have noticed that there are some amazing technology leaps in the last 2 years.  There is a lot of adaptations to current technology trends.  This includes accelerometers, GPS, and augmented reality.   Wii force plate was a great addition years ago but augmented reality is now at our fingertips.  As the technology becomes more financially accessible I think that it will be coming toward physical therapy in the near future.  Google glasses, although expensive now, I see as having a role for neuromuscular re-education and coordination.  We will start to see faster and more accurate feedback monitors.  In order to progress this transition faster we need more software that is focused at physical therapy application.  Ironically, it is the children’s applications that comes closest for movement pattern applications.  See below for links to augmented reality apps…not necessarily related to therapy.

1.  ARSoccer  and ARBasketball

2. SeeSpace Inair  gives extensive additional information for what you are seeing on TV.

3. AR and 3D holographics:  Virtual keyboards and Virtual reality with holographics

4. Haagen-Dazs IceCream Concerto Timer

5.  There are a bunch of maps, gps, and history tour augmented apps out there…here are just a few.

Golfscape GPS Rangefinder, and Yelp, and Wikitude World Browser.

Hopefully this will be our reality soon….  iPad2 hologram



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