My value

I was asked by a patient today during an evaluation why they should come to this clinic (which is a longer drive) or to go to another clinic that was more convienent. My first reaction, thought not spoken, was “there is no difference, do what you want.” But that really isn’t true. Unfortuntely, with large physical therapy clinics the generalization is that you will get the same basic exercises with very similar protocols. But that isn’t how I treat. In fact, I treat differently than most therapists. For example, with achilles tendonitis I don’t do dorsiflexion stretching, especially if they have normal range, I work on PF range which is probably lacking and the cause of the overstrained tissue. I’m more focused on quality of tissue healing and not to OVERburden the tissue with stress/strain. [Note, please don’t confuse this with eccentric exercises that are meant to heal.]

My value is a different way of thinking, outside of the mainstream. I’m methodical in thinking which makes me methodical in practice. I know my intentions for each phase and I have specific markers for advancing. But how do I describe that to a patient? How do I describe it without putting a negative connotation on mainstream physical therapy that is not my intention?


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