Patient Centered Health Care on a changing landscape.

Health Care is on shifting ground. In the previous years the health care field has been under patient centered services. Patient centered is defined by the IOM (Institute of Medicine) as, “Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions.” But in contrast, the providers of health care are also penalized by the lack of success of health recovery. This is an impossible position. If this is a patient driven POC the value of professional advice is lost. Many people will argue that it is the medical providers role to educate and convince the pateint in the correct path. But if individuals cannot truly comprehend the information and make sound judgements are we not just tanting the waters. If it was that easy to conceptualize and apply medical interventions it would not take the acedemic and experience that providers have put into their careers. Medicine is an art more than a science. That is why you can provide the same information to different providers but they all fanese the information differently.

Additionally, as health care becomes more burdensome on the providers there is less accountability and more entitlement by patients. This is a cultural shift. Although there is new technology and easier and cheaper access to DIY medical this will only stratify, based on those that are financial and commitment involved and those that don’t.   Yes, the American Health Care system is at cross roads. But no matter what the healthcare industry does, if we do not create a cultural importance on knowledge and being your own patient advocate and accountable for healthy actions, then the Medical field as we know it will deteriate. Providers are scared of taking on the 24/7 role and responsibility of health care provider when already over burdened and resource tight.


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