The Medical Artist

My mother recently had an encounter with the medical field where she felt there was poor communication and conflicting information amongst her practioners. Half of me wanted to be a listening ear but the other half wanted to jump on my soap box. So, I’m using this format as my soap box, as the extended version of what I told my mother. Medicine is really more of an art then a science. Yes, it is a blend of Evidence Based Medicine, Clinical experience, and Patient’s experience. However, if it was truly cut and dry, then anyone could prescribe or direct the plan of care. Computers would be our practioner. But medicine isn’t direct, it juggles multiple factors, co-morbidities, and descriptions of patient’s accounts. That is why if you present two Clinicians with the same information they may actually choose different paths; not to say one is better. That is why there are good clinicians and bad clinicians. And frankly, they may not even be “bad” clinicians, but clinicians that have different priorities of time, access, or cost. Often times I have stated to patients that I cannot provide XYZ, but I can refer you to someone that does. But try to tell this to someone that is complaining of their service. As the artist gathers skills, the design, accuracy, and time all are influenced. My personal solution is to expand my knowledge of available tools and skills and then seek to gain the skills themselves. It is not just about the technique but the skill within the technique. A soap box for another time is the limited CEU support by companies for their employees.


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